Medical Care Management


Access to quality health care is the highest priority for people living with HIV.

Unfortunately, for some HIV patients the health care system is so complex that it is difficult to navigate. Adding to this frustration is the complicated system of health insurance and government health programs that provide the benefits that pay for health care.

At RMC, care managers are available to make sure you get the health care you need or the financial benefits that are rightfully yours. Our care managers have expert knowledge of the health care system and their top priorities are to help you get enrolled in quality HIV health care and to make sure that your health care benefits are secured.

In addition, our team of experienced and professional staff will help you receive necessary social services that help ensure your best chance for treatment success.

At RMC, your care manager will work with you, your health care providers and others involved in your care so that you have a complete approach to meeting your needs that includes:


  • Comprehensive needs assessment

  • Creation of a care plan

  • Enrollment in medical care

  • Advocacy for your benefits

  • Enrollment in other health and social services

  • Transportation assistance

  • Housing and financial assistance


Manager of Client Services
Phone: 303-951-3694

JC Goodhart serves as the Manager of Client Services for Rocky Mountain Cares.  He joined Rocky Mountain CARES in 2012 as a Medical Case Manager. He currently maintains a full caseload while supervising the Medical Case Management department and has worked closely with his Executive Director on numerous administrative responsibilities.

JC is an active member of Metro Denver HIV Services Coalition Committee, a committee whose role is to improve service delivery and to address implementation issues to better serve people living with HIV in the Denver area.

“Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I was very aware of HIV/AIDS,” JC said. “I love the work I continue to do in the areas of HIV education, prevention, treatment, and reduction of stigma and am looking forward to being able to offer additional resources to clients through merging with ARCW.”