Dear Rocky Mountain CARES Patient or Client:

Rocky Mountain CARES (RMC) and the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) are excited to announce the merger of the two organizations. The two organizations will merge effective February 1, 2017. Programs and services in Denver will continue to be provided under the name of Rocky Mountain CARES.

This merger will allow RMC to provide a much broader range of medical and other services to you and others in the Denver area by establishing an HIV Medical Home in Denver. The HIV Medical Home model of care – which ARCW has established with great success – provides patients with integrated, comprehensive HIV care and treatment services in one location.

You will begin to see positive and expansive changes soon. In addition to continuing to offer the great case management, social support programs and pharmacy services you have come to trust and rely upon, RMC will immediately begin offering medical care. In the coming months, we plan to offer mental health services, a food pantry and legal services to you. Brining all of these services together, in one organization, is an important way we can support you to be successful in managing all of your health needs.

While there are going to be changes, some things that will not change include the name Rocky Mountain CARES and our location. Throughout the merger and over the coming months as we begin the development of new programs and services at RMC, we also want to assure you that the services you are accessing at RMC will continue uninterrupted. Specifically:

  1. You will be able to continue to access the pharmacy, case management and other services you rely on from RMC.

  2. You will be able to continue to access services at the same location and through the same telephone numbers at RMC.

  3. You will be able to continue working with the same people you have relied on at RMC.

RMC Executive Director, Shannon Southall, will remain with the organization in a new consulting role, continuing her long-term commitment to end AIDS and to ensure that the new members of the RMC team learn the ropes around Denver and get to know you on the same personal and welcoming basis RMC has always maintained. Also, the superb and caring RMC staff – JC Goodhart, Lauren Hollis, Nate Gibson, Cinamon Romero, Kieva Loftis, and Sarah Lowenstein – will still be available to help you with all of your needs. The CARES Pharmacy will also continue providing its great services from the same location.

This is an exciting time for our organizations as we continue to strive to better meet your needs. ARCW and RMC staff and our Boards of Directors are pleased about the potential of this new opportunity to both continue and expand our services.

For more information about the RMC and ARCW merger please review the FAQ or contact your RMC case manager.


Shannon Southall
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Cares

Michael J. Gifford
President & Chief Executive Officer
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin