The great customer service you’ve come to expect from RM CARES Pharmacy will continue, without interruption.

Through the RMC-ARCW merger, the RM CARES Pharmacy will be expanding to better meet your HIV specialty and primary health care needs. In addition to making sure you have access to the most advanced medications available, the staff at RM CARES Pharmacy will remain dedicated to providing you with the personal support you need to be successful with your HIV treatment.

In addition to helping patients manage their HIV disease and other health care needs, RM CARES Pharmacy is now also offering PrEP. Check out the PrEP page on this site to learn more about PrEP and if it is right for you.

The team of experienced professionals at RM CARES Pharmacy are experts who can offer adherence counseling, education about HIV disease management and can make sure you avoid or manage adverse drug interactions or side effects.

Also, when you choose to get your medications at RM CARES Pharmacy, you’re helping support other people living with HIV in and around Denver. The funds earned at the RM CARES Pharmacy will be used to support and expand RMC prevention, care and treatment services.


Lead Pharmacist
Phone: 303-321-0436

Melissa Eng is the Pharmacy Manager at the RM CARES Pharmacy. A graduate of the University of Colorado with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2005, Melissa found her passion for pharmacy services as a volunteer, technician and intern at the Medical Center of Aurora.

“I enjoy specializing in helping patients living with HIV be as healthy as possible,” Melissa says. “Today’s medicines are incredibly effective at managing HIV infection, and give patients the an opportunity to live long, healthy lives. I am looking forward to creating an HIV Medical Home for patients in Denver with my colleagues at RMC.”